Fitness Classes

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JF Ride

Ride your way to cardio fitness in a stadium-style studio outfitted with a heart-thumping sound system. State-of-the-art equipment for a ride like no other! Track the calories you burn and the power you produce! A variety of exhilarating rides including Uphill Ride and H.I.I.T. Ride! Cardio & strength all at once! Great for all levels of fitness. Have fun getting fit! Check schedule for JF Ride options!



Kick off your shoes and reshape your body through muscle isolation exercises at a ballet barre. Rev your metabolism, burn fat and improve your posture and flexibility. Low impact, total body workout ideal for all fitness levels.

Jeni Barre

Power Jeni-Barre

This 30 minutes version of Jeni-Barre will focus on legs, glutes and core.


Boxing Boot Camp

Calorie torching intervals of boxing with heavy bags and plyometrics. Jump, sweat and box your way to a higher fitness level. Heart pumping, muscle building, fun! Great for men, women and teens.

circuits rox 2

JF Cross Fit Circuits

Make your body a machine in this comprehensive workout. Class combines intervals of cardio, core and strength using TRX, weights, bands and body weight exercises. Don’t be surprised when you experience a few rounds of P90X.

Outdoor Bootcamp

Jeni-Fit Outdoor

Outdoor fitness is exhilarating both mentally and physically. Lose weight and improve fitness with interval training that combines cardio conditioning and strength training. Jogging and walking level classes mean there’s a class for everyone.

Jeni Tone 1


Build muscle and increase strength while decreasing body fat. Strength training program uses weights, resistance bands, gliding and balls in a fun format that will tone your muscles with a cardio edge.

TRX patty 2

Jeni-Tone H.I.I.T. TRX

Jeni-Tone plus “high intensity intervals training” using a variety of equipment and the TRX for awesome results. Start your day with your metabolism revved!!



A non-stop interval fusion of Pilates, Boxing and Dance. Feel empowered with boxing, find balance with Pilates, and let loose with fun and funky dance moves!

This unique combination is guaranteed to burn maximum calories and build lean muscles.

Gain a “Sleek, Sexy and Powerful” self-image. The exercise recommends the usage of weighted gloves which will add to the workout by toning the arms.


JF Yoga

Bring your body and a positive attitude to our oasis. Practice Anusara and Yoga flow style, a form ideal for lengthening, strengthening, toning and posture. All levels welcome.

Teen Athletic Training

Athletic Training for Teens

Speed, strength and agility training for athletes. Begin with the 6 week launching level program, graduate to the intermediate level and peak performance levels.

In the past we have offered training specific to field hockey and softball. Contact the studio if you are interested in starting a group.

Kettle Bell Bootcamp

This cast-iron weight resembles a cannonball with a handle and it will “fire-up” your whole body. 

This workout combines the benefits of dumbbell training with a high-intensity cardio workout to help you build muscle, increase power, and increase your flexibility. Strengthen and tone your entire body!



A high intensity, holistic resistance and endurance based class consisting of metabolic circuit training, HIIT intervals, plyometrics and functional core training fora nonstop 30 minutes.


A total body workout with your baby that incorporates the stroller through strength and cardiovascular exercises. This class is safe for all fitness levels.