10 Tips for making Healthy Eating a part of your Life

June 4, 2015
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July 2, 2015
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10 Tips for making Healthy Eating a part of your Life


Good Eating Habits


Eating well doesn’t mean dieting over and over again. One reason diets don’t work is because they can encourage people to think of foods as “good” or “bad,” At Jeni-Fit we prefer the crowding out approach, keep adding in good foods and naturally eliminate lesser ones.

The best way to stay at a healthy weight (or lose weight if you need to) is to make healthy food choices daily. For some of us, that means changing our mindset about food. Instead of thinking of food emotionally (for example, as a reward for doing well on a test or as a way to deal with stress), see it for what it is — a practical way to fuel our bodies.


Here are 10 tips for making healthy eating a part of your life:


  • Replace soft drinks, fruit juices, and sports drinks that are loaded with sugar with water, low-fat milk, unsweetened green or one of the natural juices that we carry in the Studio.
  • Eat at least 6-8 servings of fruit and vegetables a day. The fiber will fill you up and you’ll get the nutrients and flavors to keep your body satisfied.
  • Choose foods from all the different food groups. In addition to getting your fruits and veggies, include whole grains and lean protein at each meal.
  • Make healthier fast-food choices. Pick a small, single-patty burger instead of a large one and a side salad, with dressing on the side, instead of fries. Stick to regular servings — don’t supersize! Better yet, avoid fast-food places whenever you can.
  • Keep healthy foods on hand. If your kitchen is stocked with healthy choices like celery, raisins, and natural peanut butter you can make ants on a log instead of dipping into the cookie jar.
  • Take your own good-for-you snacks and food on the road so you can avoid the vending machine or convenience store. Try carrot sticks, a piece of fruit, or your own homemade trail mix instead of cookies, chips, or processed foods that tend to be loaded with fat and calories.
  • Eat when you’re hungry. If you’re tempted to eat because you’re bored, that’s your mind telling you to find something else to do.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast every day.
  • Don’t eat meals or snacks while watching TV because you’ll probably end up eating more than you intend to.
  • Pay attention to portion sizes. If a portion is large, cut it in half and put half aside for later — or split it with a friend.


Use your creativity to come up with ways to fit exercise and healthy eating into your life in a way that works for you. Invite a friend to exercise with you at Jeni-Fit or plan a walk or jog, instead of going to lunch!


Increase activity, think of taking exercise “snacks”. Just like food snacks to keep you satisfied throughout the day, add activity to your regular workouts.


  • Take the stairs whenever possible.
  • Walk or bike to do local errands.
  • Look at chores as an exercise opportunity. Laundry can be a mini stairmaster, gardening at home, vacuuming your dorm room or home, carrying in groceries, etc.



~Healthy Tips from our Jeni-Fit Nutritionist Denise Baldwin

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