Betty’s JeniFit Deflate Your Weight(DYW) Success Story

Dan’s JeniFit Deflate Your Weight(DYW) Success Story
March 17, 2016
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April 7, 2016
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You know how they say people come into your life just when you need them. Well that is what happened to me when I met Jenifer and Chris at a vendor’s event in Sept. of 2014.

I had recently come home from a trip to San Diego and hated every picture I was in and looked at myself in the mirror and realized I no longer had a waist. My weight was over my highest pregnancy weight. I knew I had to do something. Weight Watchers and another program had worked for me before, but I knew I needed more. I wanted my look back. I wanted to be healthy.

In walk Jen and Chris. They convinced me to come try a Barre Class and I was hooked. I didn’t know about DYW when I first jointed Jeni-Fit, but soon heard classmates talking about it and started seeing the results on them. I knew then that I needed to become a part of this program. I joined the Pre-Holiday DYW and was very successful. I followed the food plan and exercised 5-6 days a week. My hard work paid off, I lost 10 pounds in 6 short weeks and I felt great. I continued with the next DYW and lost another 5 pounds. I felt healthy again. I know I would never have been able to feel this good on my own. The support I receive from Jen, all the instructors, and my classmates is what made this program work for me.

After DYW I continued working out every day at Jeni-Fit and continued to “Eat Clean”. I was able to maintain my weight loss and continue to improve my fitness/health. I had two very stressful life experiences this past fall and “the wheels fell off my bus” and I gained back some of my weight loss. Once again Jen was waiting in the wings with a new program called DYW Next Level. It was just what I needed to recommit to being healthy. I’m down over 10 pounds and counting. This program is life changing. We get so caught up in life that we stop taking care of our life. This program will give you back your life, your fitness, and your health. Everyone at Jeni-Fit is so friendly, welcoming, caring, and supportive.

I am a retired teacher, but as I always told my students, “Someday the only thing that will matter will be your HEALTH!” So if you are ready for the most important challenge in your life, take the challenge and join Jeni-Fit and the next DYW program.

P.S. At 65 my waist is back!!!!!!!!!


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