Don’t let the heat be an excuse to stop exercising! Here are some tips:

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Don’t let the heat be an excuse to stop exercising! Here are some tips:

Be careful! It’s hot out there.

This June was the warmest on record for the entire globe! July and August haven’t given us much of a break so far, at least here in Garwood. We’ve seen temperatures well above the 90s for 11 of the past 14 days. And we know it feels even hotter with the humidity.

That all being said, it’s hard to resist taking advantage of the warmer months to enjoy the outdoors. Even when you chose to exercise indoors at Jeni-Fit it’s important to keep these tips in mind!

1) STAY HYDRATED. Drink a few glasses before your workout, and a few afterwards. Studies say to drink plenty of fluids 2 hours before, and 5 to 10 ounces every fifteen minutes during your workout. Drink COLD beverages as a way to preemptively cool your body. Carry a CamelBak. Plan your workout near an outdoor fountain!

2) Replenish your electrolytes and salt intake during and afterwards- we lose them as we sweat! You may experience muscle cramping if your sodium levels are low- if they are off-balance severe medical issues can result. Sporting goods stores and health foods stores sell all types of gells and gummies and different drinks. Watch the sugar content, though! Coconut water is a great choice in moderation.

Fun fact- pickles and pickle juice have been found to have significantly greater electrolyte contents than Gatorade (and lower sugar)! Just ask our beloved Eagles. When on-field temperatures reached 109 degrees at the Dallas stadium during the 2000 season opener, former Philadelphia Eagles head trainer Rick Burkholder credits natural pickle juice with the win over the Cowboys!

3) Mind the humidity. Our body sweats to cool itself off, when it evaporates as it hits the surface of our skin. But with more moisture in the air, it doesn’t evaporate as easily. Be sure to check the weather report!

4) Oh Mr. Sun… It feels awesome to be outside and to increase our Vitamin D, but we all aware of the harm that its rays can cause. Try to avoid peak hours with the greatest exposure and highest temperatures- 10 AM- 3 PM. Wear sunscreen! (At least 45 SPF). Explore new trails- check out tree-lined pathways and parks where there is more plentiful shade, and try to stay off the black asphalt! Dress appropriately- lightly colored, loose fitting clothing will keep you cooler and help to reflect the sun. Keep in mind that the evaporation of your sweat is what cools your body off- tighter clothing that absorbs sweat will hinder this! Jeni-Fit Outdoor Challenge will provide some shaded areas.

5) Slow down your pace but don’t stop exercising! Give your body time to adjust. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends giving workers just 20% of their usual workload on their first day bracing the heat, and waiting a week to perform up to 100%. It will take a few weeks to train your body, but you may notice a difference in a few days. Heat conditioning will make you a better athlete, as it increases the amount of blood in your veins- your body needs more to pump near your skin for cooling while still having enough to fuel your muscles. But it takes time!!



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