Eat from the Earth with our Lizzy Jay’s Juices

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July 2, 2015
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Eat from the Earth with our Lizzy Jay’s Juices

Eat from the Earth with our Lizzy Jay’s Juices.

With so many “diet fads” out there, it’s no wonder people get confused, overwhelmed and frustrated about nutrition, but what you need to know is quite simple. Feed your body the best source of food grown from the earth and your body will thank you for it immediately.

Living Foods

When you take the time to honor your “living” body and nurture it with “living” food, your body will respond positively. Unfortunately, though, our nation is faced with a growing population of obese and metabolically damaged people who don’t make the time to honor their bodies and are consistently turning to convenience to feed their families with dead, unwholesome foods. Our precious bodies are made up of billions of live cells, so it’s no surprise that what you eat directly affects your mood, brain function, emotions, body aesthetic, sleep patterns, sociological interactions, athletic performance and recovery…nearly every facet of life.

The Jungle

The typical supermarket is a jungle filled with an impenetrable web of packaged “foods” laced with unwholesome ingredients featuring a nutrition panel with words you don’t know and certainly can’t pronounce. And unfortunately, the food marketers make it very difficult to sift through what’s considered healthy…but take heart, if you shop the perimeter, you can stay relatively safe.

So, rather than heading straight into the middle of the grocery store to purchase processed convenience foods, discover the variety of nutrient-dense, living foods that you can prepare in your own kitchen. Of course raw fruits and vegetables are you best safest approach including Lizzy Jays fresh pressed juices. Check out a few superstars below that come directly from the earth (and guess what, they don’t even need an ingredient list):


You might have to dig deep in your produce department to find this root. Found in  Lizzy Jays Veggie Mix, Beets contain betalains, a group of potent antioxidants that offer a number of health benefits, including cancer protection by helping cell-damaging free radicals. Beets also have an abundance of nitrates (different than sodium nitrite found in processed foods) that help working muscles use oxygen more efficiently, in fact, a 2014 study published in the journal Nutrients shows that daily beet consumption can actually bolster exercise performance.


This creamy fruit boasts several disease-busting nutrients like fiber, folate, potassium, vitamins C and K. Avocados are an exceptional source of monounsaturated fat which can help improve blood cholesterol numbers and will help to keep you satiated throughout the day stoking your metabolism.


One serving of this green giant give you more than the daily quota of vitamin C, immune-boosting vitamin A and vitamin K. A 2014 study in the Journal of Nutrition discovered that higher intakes of vitamin K are associated with reduced mortality from diseases like cancer and heart disease. Found in  Lizzy Jays Crisp Greens, Pure Greens and Veggie Mix, kale also contains two powerful antioxidants (lutein and zeazanthin) that have been shown to help improve eyesight.


This powerhouse nut is filled with minerals like magnesium, copper, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and also jam packed with E and B vitamins. Also an excellent source of fiber, a one ounce (or about 23 almonds) serving contains the same amount of antioxidants as a serving of broccoli. Found in  Lizzy Jays Smooth Almond, almonds are one of the few proteins that are alkaline forming. When your body is not in an alkaline state, your chance of osteoporosis increases and you risk a poor immunity function, low energy and weight gain.

Every single one of our cells wants to be fed “life force” food– food which is actually energized and grown by the soil, sun and earth. So, even if you start by just adding one “living” food to each meal, you’re heading in the right direction.

A full line of organic, fresh pressed juices is available daily at JeniFit Studios. Incorporate one juice per day or join us for our 3 day juice cleanse. We will tell you exactly what to eat along with you 3 juices per day. It is time to EAT FROM THE EARTH!

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