Melissa’s JeniFit Deflate Your Weight (DYW) Success Story

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August 6, 2015
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August 21, 2015
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Melissa’s JeniFit Deflate Your Weight (DYW) Success Story


What started out as a suggestion from a good friend to try a spin class at JeniFit has changed into a life changing journey. I felt so comfortable and accepted at JeniFit that I began to try some of the other classes offered like Jeni-Barre and Boxing Boot Camp. I quickly became hooked. The classes are small and the instructors are very helpful.

I decided to join DYW in September 2014 to lose the baby weight; my baby is 9 years old! After the initial assessment I was nervous that I would not be able to stick with it but that quickly changed because I was given the tools to make better food choices. I started eating “clean”, tracking my food, and exercising regularly. DYW taught me that weight loss is 90% mental and I was ready to make myself a priority. I felt so inspired by Christine’s story that I began to think I can DO this!

Jen makes sure that everyone feels comfortable at JeniFit. She takes the time to really listen to what you have to say and helps you achieve your goals. My DYW group was and still is wonderful. There is so much support, encouragement and motivation at JeniFit that you feel like you have become a part of a family, a community of women and men supporting one another to be the best you can be.

After the 9 week program I lost 26 lbs. and felt so good about myself. I continued to exercise regularly and joined a second mini DYW to keep me on track. Not only did I stay on track but I lost another 11 lbs., bringing my total to 37lbs.

To date, I have lost 43lbs and gained my life back. I feel like the “old” me. Christine and Jen continue to support and encourage me along this journey and now it is time for me to pay it forward.


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