New Year, New You – How to start and Stay On The Path

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It’s that time again. The start of a new year. This is your year. You’re going to finally make a change and stick to that resolution, right?

No, forget the resolutions. We already know we won’t get past the first month with our resolutions. It’s time to start being realistic and make an actual change instead of resolving to making a change that never happens.

First, you must find your reason why. Why do you want to be healthier, fitter, more toned, more defined? Your reason why has to be important enough to you that you finally make a change. Your reason why is the most motivating part of beginning on this journey. You’ll have to remind yourself during the tough times when you don’t want to wake up, or when you want to overindulge, or when you want to put it to the back burner, that this is why I’m doing this.

Second, you need a plan in place. Think small though. Don’t try to completely change overnight. Making a drastic change like that is one of the biggest reasons you’ll fail. Instead start introducing changes little by little. Waking up earlier to take a 30-minute walk, preparing your meals ahead of time, grocery shopping, limiting sugar, drinking more water. Small steps help create lasting changes. Plus, going full steam can increase your risk of injury and if you get injured chances are you’ll lose motivation to continue on the path.

Third, find a support system. If you and your best friend or spouse have been talking about making a change forever, encourage them to do it with you. Post about it online. Social media is a great platform to let everyone in your circle, and sometimes beyond, know that you are committed to making a change. Deflate Your Weight at Jeni-Fit Studios is all about accountability. Relating to people and being able to talk about your success or failures is a great way to get insight and reminds us that not everyone is perfect. A lifestyle change takes a lifetime. It’s not a quick fix, but Deflate Your Weight will give you tons of tips to help you get there sooner.

Fourth, find something you enjoy. This doesn’t just apply to your workout routine. If the thought of chia pudding makes you gag, don’t force yourself to eat it. Explore different foods and different exercises to find what works for you. It may take a while to find out what it is that you like to do, but once you find it, you’ll be happier in the long run. You won’t dread working out, because you’ll actually enjoy the spin class or the pilates class you decided to take. And when you enjoy what you eat, you’ll look forward to making those meals and it’s easier to keep making those healthy choices.

Fifth, set realistic goals. If your goal is to lose weight, don’t set a goal of losing 20 pounds in a month. You’ll be disappointed when you don’t hit that goal and your motivation will waver. Instead set a goal of losing one pound, 20 times. That’s a more realistic goal and when you hit it, the excitement of hitting that goal will propel you to continue pushing.

Finally, celebrate your success. Any success is a reason to celebrate! If you’re finally able to run that mile without stopping, brag about it! Put it on social media; your supporters will cheer you on and the positive feedback will keep you in the game. When you hit the big goals, treat yourself! Buy a new pair of running shoes, invest in a good pair of headphones, get a massage, treat yourself to personal training, or buy a new outfit. Whatever it is that makes you happy, set those goals and when you hit them, make it a point to celebrate them. Your continued success will only make it that much easier to hit the next goal.

Making a lifestyle change is hard. But with the right mindset, plan, and support system, you’ll set yourself up for success. Make this year, the year you create the New You!

Your gym probably has an accountability Facebook group you can join.

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