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The most challenging part of the July 4th holiday for most of us are the drinks and the BBQs!

PLAN as much as you can!


Plan to work out even if you are going away. Pack your sneaks and workouts clothes. Then, make sure you actually do the work out! It will keep you focused on making healthy choices. Or sign up for an early morning class – hit JeniFit before your afternoon parties.


Start an Active Tradition: Be it an annual family kickball tournament, Firecracker 5K run, neighborhood volleyball game, or a pre-dinner hike, an annual activity will be a welcome event to any July 4th celebration. Not only will it get everyone’s blood pumping (and put them in a good mood) but it will also give you stories to share for years to come! Take advantage of the holiday weekend and incorporate, walking, biking, gardening or hiking. Focus on being outdoors and active rather than eating.
Play Lawn Games: Encourage your party guests to bring their favorite lawn game instead of yet another dessert. Then you can take turns trying out all the different games. Plus, it encourages everyone to be active and fit!
Skip Sugary Deserts: This is the season when tons of fresh fruit is available from the grocery, farmers markets, and fruit stands! Cut up strawberries and melon or grill peaches, pineapple, or bananas to satisfy your sweet tooth without adding unnecessary processed sugar.
Make Healthy Drinks: Instead of providing sugar-filled sodas to guests, make healthy variations such as home-made iced tea sweetened with agave nectar, or even sparkling cucumber water! Check out pinterest for healthy mocktail recipes.

Plan to bring a healthy bag of survival foods, so you have options that align with your health goals.Some Ideas: Fruit, nuts and dry fruit mix, cut up veggies, salad, Greek yogurt, hummus, crudité, salad dressing, seltzer, whole grain wraps, hard boiled eggs, whole grain cereal or oatmeal and even a carton of almond milk – all can be taken on a holiday weekend away.


Plan on joining in on the holiday BBQ— but think of healthier options such a white meat turkey burgers, “grow it” with veggies or beans (use a sandwich thin or a romaine lettuce leaf as your bun) have grilled veggies and corn instead of a hamburger on a white processed hamburger bun with chips and potato salad.


Going to a party? Offer to bring something so that you know there is a healthy option. Crudite and hummus, boiled shrimp, fruit salad, quinoa salad or a green salad – dressing on the side!


If dining out:  look at the menu before going out, so you are able to pre-select a healthy dinner.


Stay Hydrated with Water: July is hot! Be sure to drink plenty of water and keep your body from overheating, and stay away from caffeinated and sugary drinks that dehydrate you.


Plan on how many drinks you will have prior to getting to a social event, beyond two drinks-starts to get dangerous! Then commit to drinking seltzer with lime or water after you met your “quota.” Alternate a glass of wine, light beer or vodka and CLUB (not tonic) with a glass or two of water or seltzer with lime. Remember to pace yourself.


Going out for ice cream? Order a kiddie size and go with the soft, it has fewer calories than the hard ice cream because it has more air whipped in it. If they offer a banana whip – chose that it is all banana! The original greek yogurt tends to be a good choice and perhaps mix in a little fruit or sorbet to change the flavor!


Remember that “failing to PLAN is planning to fail!”


Focus on your company and enjoy your family and friends! Make the holiday not about the food. Stay on track and you will love yourself (even more) after the weekend!


Wake up after the holiday feeling proud! 


To a happy and safe July 4th weekend!!


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