Rediscovering My Fitness to Take Back My Life

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April 17, 2015
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Rediscovering My Fitness to Take Back My Life

    January 2015, New Year, same me. I was laying in bed with the flu, barely awake when my younger sister comes bounding through my bedroom door. “Meg, wake up. You gotta come to the gym with me to meet the trainers. Theyʼre all there. Just come. You donʼt even have to work out”. She had told me about this place sheʼd been exercising at recently and that she had been having fun there. I couldʼve pulled any excuse out of the air but I didnʼt have any more excuses. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. This wasnʼt me. I just graduated college, I was supposed to be in my prime and ready to take on the adult world. Instead, I was exhausted and I didnʼt even recognize myself anymore. So, I crawled out of bed and put on some sweats to go to this gym around the corner.

Walking in, I noticed it was cute and small…not overbearing or intimidating with crazy loud music/ machines/ clients (you know, the guys who “pick things up and put them down”). Then, I was welcomed by person after person with open arms, literally Kathy and Chris hugged me, telling me they heard so much about me and how they loved my sister. I was still a little on edge, wondering when I was going to hear the run-down about this program I heard about called Deflate Your Weight. Honestly, it made me cringe but I was in no position to shy away from any information at that point. So I met with the owner, Jen, and decided I didnʼt want to beat around the bush. Without getting into detail I basically said: I am a recovered anorexic, retired volleyball player and recent college graduate that threw all her energy into a degree and forgot about taking care of her health. Jen took this all in stride while weighing me (thankfully not showing me the number per my request) and my measurements.

Within that week of still recovering from the flu I took my first barre class with my sister. It was only a half hour class but I was struggling the whole time. I felt horrible seeing myself in all the mirrors but once class was over, and I was dripping in sweat, I knew I had done my job. Next came spin…and boy was that an experience. I never thought my butt could hurt so much and I couldnʼt even get off the seat! I swore up, down, and sideways that Iʼd never do it again; that it was too hard and I couldnʼt do it. Well, Anthony Conyers changed that tune real quick after my first semi-private training session with him and my DYW partner. I learned the art of spin. How to hold my body and stay centered throughout the ride. I felt more confident now that I could get through another class. Fast forward a few months and Iʼve filled up almost three bikes cards!

Throughout the nine weeks of Deflate Your Weight I learned portion control and balance. I also learned that itʼs OKAY to snack! Of course the choice of said snack is crucial but the pure fact that I could have one and it was encouraged was liberating! I started drinking water like it was going out of style, not just to help with my eating but I was working out so much that I had to replenish my body. I substituted my usual four to eight cups of coffee a day to various teas and lemon water. I thought for sure I was going to have side effects, but I ended up feeling better and more energized. The more energized I felt, the more classes and training I did. I tried everything and felt connected to every trainer. Boxing made me feel strong and tough, yet it worked my mind almost as much as my body. Piloxing was fun and “dancey”, we were constantly moving so I never had a chance to stop and think I wanted to take a break. I learned how to make the TRX work my own body weight against me and MAN was that a wake up call. I never thought a strap anchored to the wall could make me so sore, but I loved it. My three constants became: barre, spin and yoga. Barre kept my muscles tight and lifted, spin made me sweat like a beast and yoga stretched me out and calmed me down.

    I fell in love with the process and routine I had created for myself. I liked planning my meals for the day because I knew what to expect; I never had to guess or wonder. However I was happiest in a steaming hot shower, after working out, singing along with my music blasting as I let my sore muscles loosen. Standing in there I got it. It just clicked and I FINALLY got it. I took ownership of this time in my life and I ran with it. I realized, I didnʼt hate working out. I hated being out of shape; I hated feeling stuffed into my favorite jeans and out of breath going up the stairs. So as the months have gone on, Iʼve improved ten-fold in every class offered at Jeni-Fit because I was being consistent and intentional in everything I was doing with the tools everyone there had been teaching me.

I remembered being this motivated when I played volleyball. I just wanted to be the best player I could, so I pushed myself everyday at practice as well as alternative training sessions outside of the school or club team. It became my life…living and breathing the sport. So when that went away when I went to college, I didnʼt know what to do with myself besides throw my energy into being the best student I could be. I couldnʼt figure out that balance because I thought the new goal was just graduation. Now, however, that has all changed. I know now that I AM the goal. My fitness and wellness are my #1 priority because I come first. This is the only life I have and I want to live it intentionally, happy and healthy with everything Iʼve got. I know I have a better chance of that happening now more than ever and I couldnʼt be more excited about it.

Since the beginning of my journey (four months ago) at Jeni-Fit I have lost 37 pounds but I have gained so much more. Iʼve learned so much about various ways to exercise and make my body into what I want. Iʼve also soaked in all the information about nutrition and healthy eating that I could. Most of all though, I rediscovered the me Iʼve been missing…and sheʼs only getting better!

-Meghan Ince

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