Tina’s Jeni-Fit Deflate Your Weight(DYW) Success Story

Krista’s JeniFit Deflate Your Weight (DYW) Success Story
March 6, 2016
Dan’s JeniFit Deflate Your Weight(DYW) Success Story
March 17, 2016
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Most of my adult life consisted of dieting, the thought of dieting, losing weight, gaining it back, joining gyms and never going. I was exhausted. With a few months to go before a milestone birthday, I decided it was finally time to try something different, something that would have staying power. My goal wasn’t just to lose weight, but to also take control of my health so that I could enjoy the years to come on my own terms.


At the suggestion of a friend, I joined Jeni-Fit’s Deflate Your Weight Program.  From the beginning, I knew this approach was different. I was physically trying things I had never done before…spinning, barre and TRX…and participating in weekly meetings that were informative on many levels. I found their philosophical approach to clean eating something that I could see myself sustaining for the long haul. It all made sense and allowed me to find a healthy balance between nutrition and exercise, and doing the things I love like cooking and eating good food.


The only major stumbling block I experienced was the 30 minutes I had to drive each way to the studio. Even in the beginning, I was enjoying the program and finding success with the scale, but kept saying to myself that as soon as it was over I would join a gym closer to home. Well it only took a few weeks to realize that the Jeni-Fit family, and all the support they offered, was my home. I now can’t imagine going anywhere else, and I continue to be inspired everyday by Jenifer and her amazing staff.


After the initial program ended, I joined the Deflate Your Weight-Next Step program as a way of keeping my head in the game. To date I have lost 35 pounds and have lowered both my cholesterol and blood sugar. Thank you Jeni-Fit for uncovering the stronger, healthier, smarter version of ME.



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