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April 30, 2015
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Washboard Abs

We all know strong abs look good, but why is it important to have a strong midsection?

Strong abs- or a strong core – is one of the keys to preventing back pain. The abs act like a girdle to hold the torso in alignment and help the back maintain its proper curvature. Strong abs help protect the back from excessive sway.

Maintaining strong abs will help you look better and improve performance in a host of sports since most moves initiate from the core.  If the core is stable, any and all movements of the limbs can be stronger and more powerful.  It is equally important to perform flexion/extension exercises (sit-ups) as it is to perform stabilizing exercises like the plank to develop the functional integrity of the body’s center.

Sitting tall, walking straight and pulling the abs in are all actions that encourage core strength and stability. A simple awareness can assist with the appearance of a better physique. Perform all traditional movements with a mindful action and the toning benefits with enhance your look and your athletic performance.

Strong abs are the foundation for a safe and effective work-out. They are your body’s center and help connect movement and initiate activity.  A strong core will help you jump higher,  push harder and exercise longer. It will improve your range of motion, build your duration and increase your overall calorie expenditure.

All of this will enhance the quality of your work-out and ultimately encourage you to continue exercising!

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