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Where Change Happens

“I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes. Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world. You’re doing things you’ve never done before, and more importantly, you’re doing something.”

~Neil Gaiman

Already almost a month into 2019 – can you believe it? Time really does fly, whether we want it to or not! Halfway through January and it’s the perfect time to check in and ask yourself, “how is this year going so far? What type of progress am I making towards that goal I set for myself on 12/31/18 for the new year?” Or maybe more importantly, “what type of change am I incorporating into my life that will help me reach my goal?”

Change is the keyword here. Change, for most people can be scary. However, change is necessary to make progress. Sometimes that change can be as little as carrying around a water bottle and taking a sip every hour on the hour or taking the stairs over the elevator. But often when it comes to setting and reaching a goal that is set for the new year, that change is often more profound and it will inevitably require you to break out of your shell – your comfort zone – and try something new.

Let’s focus on weight loss and fitness – probably the most popular resolution amongst Americans. And let’s be real for a second, starting a weight loss journey is Scary. Intimidating. Overwhelming. A LOT OF CHANGE! Think about it, changing your diet alone is enough to send you into a tail spin – carrots? Broccoli? Who wants that? Food shopping, planning meals – it takes work and time. Now, add fitness and moving into the picture – see what we’re saying? Change – overwhelming. Scary. Intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be. Flash back a few lines to where we said that weight loss is “probably the most popular resolution amongst Americans.” You are not alone. And when you are not alone and you have a support system comprised of others walking along side you on your journey, that change becomes less intimidating, less overwhelming and less scary.

Personally, I can be pretty introverted, structured and independent – especially when I am in my routine. I also know that I can easily be overwhelmed by, well, life – working, family, friends, finances….you get the picture. So when it comes to major life changes – especially related to fitness and health – I know that I need support. For me, the gym community is a huge part of that. Working 10-12 hour days doesn’t exactly promote excitement for eating out of containers and pumping weights either before or after work. But walking into a Studio or a class filled with people who are there to work, to reach goals and to provide support – that does. It’s amazing how much more alive you feel when you walk into a room filled with people who are driven and trying to accomplish their goals one rep at a time.

So as you check in with your progress towards your goal, we would ask you to evaluate what change you really need to reach that goal. AND what support. If you are shy and intimidated by being in a class filled with people, CHANGE your thinking and remember that those people are here for a reason. Those people can become your support system. When the music goes and everyone is in the zone, don’t focus on who is doing more then you – focus on how focused everyone else is and get focused. Allow the music and the energy of the room to push you to your max and draw you in – giving you a reason to get up every morning, pack your food and get your fitness grove on.

Lasting change sometimes really just starts with a killer support system ;).


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